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indusam logo100Professional support is available for the marketing of local Swiss products, especially to countries where the business language is either English or German. At the same time we want to offer our services to foreign companies who seek business partners and distributors in German-speaking countries, or who wish to establish a company subsidiary themselves.

The range of our services is tailored to your needs for these tasks, which you may not be able to do efficiently yourself – either because you do not have the required staff or you lack the necessary expertise. Our services will also fill the gap in medium-sized enterprises which cannot keep a full-time employee for these activities for cost reasons.
Additionally, tasks in the area of Product Management can also be carried out.

INDUSAM supports and complements the needs of its customers with its comprehensive selection of services. We provide special assistance and the necessary ground work for the realisation of your projects and to help expand your business goals. We specialise in countries with either English or German as the business language.

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